Leadership Learning Exchange for Equity

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Bringing together white leaders in New Hampshire to reflect, learn and act to address racial bias and discrimination

True equity for all Americans is hampered by multiple forms of discrimination, including systemic racism. Racism is not just about individual acts of meanness. It also includes those invisible systems that confer advantage on people who are white and can subsequently oppress people of color. These invisible systems have concrete results on the social, economic, and political health of the Granite State. But they are subtle and difficult to unravel and understand.

Dismantling individual and systemic forms of racism is both a moral and economic imperative. Based on recent interviews with leaders of color in New Hampshire, we acknowledge that racial equity is achieved when white leaders understand how the advantages they possess contribute to racial bias and discrimination.

Therefore, the Endowment has created a Leadership Learning Exchange for Equity to bring together leaders who are white to reflect, learn and act to address racial bias and discrimination. This work is being done in parallel to efforts with leaders of color in NH.

Participants in the program explore the work of their “head, heart, and hands” that is necessary to become skilled allies and thoughtful leaders who better understand the complicated dynamics of systemic racism. Participants also work towards becoming genuine partners with each other and colleagues of color to advance equitable outcomes in the Granite State.

Our ultimate goal is for New Hampshire to be a place where everyone can reach their full potential.

For more information, contact Michele Holt-Shannon, Director of NH Listens at the Carsey School of Public Policy at UNH and Co-Facilitator of the Leadership Learning Exchange for Equity.

Photo credit: David J. Murray, www.cleareyephoto.com