Good Health and Realized Potential for All

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2023 Annual Report

Learn about the courage, resilience, and indomitable spirit of our community partners. What if we could make lasting change that would improve choices for all Granite Staters. What special superpower would it take? Read on to find out!

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Endowment for Health Awarded More than $4.2 Million Over Past Twelve Months

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Fresh Takes: Putting Down Roots

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A Future Bold Enough to Match the Times

The Endowment for Health works to improve the health and reduce the burden of illness for the people of New Hampshire, especially the vulnerable and underserved. We envision a future where all people who call New Hampshire their home are happy, healthy and thriving. A future where healthy aging is easy, and every child has what they need to grow to be their best self. A future where differences among our people are welcomed and celebrated. A future where geography and circumstances do not define our wellbeing. A future of hopeful possibilities. Join us.

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A Robust System of Care for LGBTQ+ Youth

An integrated system of care that supports everyone requires training mental health professionals to be culturally competent. That’s crucially important when supporting LGBTQ+ youth, says Hershey Hirschkop, former executive director of Seacoast Outright. Meeting the deepest and most immediate needs of queer youth entails peer-to-peer outreach, expanding direct service programs and sustaining advocacy so that everyone can be understood, valued and protected.

Children's Behavioral Health

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Mental health - social-emotional well-being - is fundamental to overall health and an important contributor to a child's success in school and in adulthood.

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Early Childhood

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Scientific research demonstrates the importance of early childhood experiences to healthy development and health outcomes. Early childhood experiences literally shape the brain’s architecture, establishing either a sturdy or fragile base for all the learning, health and behavior that follows.

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Forward Fund

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Focused on the needs of the health care workforce

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Health Equity

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Everyone in NH deserves a fair opportunity for health. We support initiatives to build welcoming, equitable and healthy communities.

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Health Policy

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Working with others to enable policy and systems changes that are advancing some of the most critical health matters facing New Hampshire’s residents.

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Healthy Aging

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Age-friendly communities are places that work for us at every age and stage of life. We support the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging as it creates a new conversation about healthy aging and advances policies and practices to support all of us as we age.

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Opportunity Grants

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The Opportunity Grants program was established to meet community needs and opportunities outside the scope of the Endowment’s priority areas. Opportunity Grant applications are due on the last day of each month. Applicants can anticipate a decision within 6 weeks of the deadline.

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Success Stories

Healthy Aging in Strong Communities

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Ned Helms & Betsy Paine: Connecting with neighbors strengthens democracy

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EH Board members Ned Helms and Betsy Paine ask their fellow Granite Staters an important question in this Union Leader opinion piece: What kind of democracy do we believe in? A selective one or an expansive one?

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