Improving the behavioral health of children & their families

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Mental health – social-emotional well-being – is fundamental to overall health and an important contributor to a child's success in school and in adulthood. Unfortunately, social and emotional challenges are common, impacting one in five NH children, many of whom do not receive the services and supports they need to get back on a healthy developmental trajectory. Despite recent progress, the children’s behavioral health system remains underfunded, fragmented and uncoordinated, leaving children and families without access to the integrated supports needed to address problems early, when treatment is most effective. Our investments to date have helped to chart a new course for the NH children’s behavioral health system. We will continue to proactively invest in leadership and advocacy, and public policy change within our children’s behavioral health systems. Our emphasis on strategic grantmaking will allow us to have more sustainable impact in the field.

Our Strategic Grants are identified in partnership with key stakeholders. Interested applicants should contact Kim Firth for more information.

Children's Behavioral Health - Fresh Takes Newsletter 

Newsletter includes multiple perspectives about the children's behavioral health in New Hampshire.  

CSoC Website

The NH Children’s System of Care (CSoC) was formed to improve the lives and behavioral health outcomes of children, youth and their families in New Hampshire.

Reducing discrimination associated with mental illness

The Magnify Voices Expressive Arts Contest began in 2019 by the NH CBHC Communications Committee in honor of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month with the goal of highlighting the inadequacies in the system that serves youth and family in NH. As part of a broader national effort, Magnify Voices recognizes and celebrates the creativity of youth in order to demonstrate the vital importance of positive mental health for a child’s healthy development.

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Our Community Partners

New Futures

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Advocates, educates and collaborates to improve health and wellness through policy change

National Alliance on Mental Illness - NH

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Working to improve the lives of all people affected by mental illness and suicide through support, education and advocacy

Children's System of Care Website

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Improving the mental and behavioral health of Granite State children, youth and their families through a network of resources and support

NH Children's Behavioral Health Workforce Development Network

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Convening, promoting, developing, implementing, and disseminating interdisciplinary workforce development activities

NH Association for Infant Mental Health

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Promoting healthy social emotional development before birth and beyond by raising awareness, offering education and fostering collaboration
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