Who We Are

Board of Directors

The Endowment for Health Board of Directors have a demonstrated track record in their respective professions. As the organization's governing body, they bring wisdom and perspective to the organization and its strategic direction. All Endowment board members give generously of their time without compensation.

Note: A majority of our board must consist of public members. Non-public members are employees, officers or directors of healthcare organizations and/or are engaged in the practice of a health care profession. Public members are not.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for managing the investment portfolio for the foundation.

Advisory Council

The Endowment for Health Advisory Council serves as community liaisons and advises the organization on existing service needs and community issues. They also serve as ambassadors for the Endowment, helping to educate community leaders about the foundation and its mission. The Council is composed of individuals who reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of the state. A majority of the Council must be comprised of public members.