Applying for a Grant


Grantmaking Approach

Endowment for Health grantmaking is informed by and with a network of community members, organizations, and institutions in selected priority areas focusing on the drivers of health, who aspire to solve complex social problems in New Hampshire. These networks of participants set common priorities and take collective action to engage community members, develop leadership, build knowledge, improve program standards and quality, and align policy goals.

We have used this collective impact approach for the last ten years. In that time, we learned that we need to prioritize strategies that focus on equity in order to promote systemic change that supports the needs of all Granite Staters. These strategies include:

  • Develop a shared understanding of the historic data, context, and causes of structural inequality, while centering the current experiences of communities and individuals.
  • Focus on structural change, relational change, and transformative change.
  • Shift power to those affected by the problem we seek to address.
  • Listen to—and act with—community.
  • Build opportunities for leadership development and hold leaders accountable to equity goals.

How to Apply for a Grant

Priority Areas

Learn more about each priority area and how to contact a Program Director about applying for a grant:

Grants for Urgent Needs and Emerging Opportunities

The Endowment also offers grants that address urgent needs and emerging opportunities, innovative projects, and/or projects that build and disseminate knowledge to improve the health of Granite Staters. Learn more about Opportunity Grants.

Application Resources

Grant application or project in progress? Visit Resources for Developing and Managing a Grant.