Building Health Policy Capacity

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Policy change is often necessary to improve programs, systems and environments that contribute to better health outcomes for NH’s people, and ultimately to create strong human capital and a vibrant economy.

Through our strategic grant making process we are working with partners to enable policy and systems changes that are advancing some of the most critical health matters facing New Hampshire’s residents.

Our grantees work to ensure access to health care, research the impact of policy choices, communicate solutions to policy issues, support health provider systems to innovate practice and payment models, and engage citizens in health issues.

In addition, many of our grantees provide the core “backbone” services necessary for robust advocacy, knowledge and leadership to support health policy decision making.

Our health policy investments further our overall systems change approach of Field Building.

Our Strategic Grants are identified in partnership with key stakeholders. Interested applicants should contact Yvonne Goldsberry for more information.

NEW - Covering the Care:  Legal Update/December 2020

This policy brief summarizes key health care cases including challenges to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid work and community engagement requirements, due process rights for people with acute mental illness, state authority to regulate pharmacy benefit managers and access to reproductive health.

NEW - Covering the Care: Health Insurance Coverage in NH - 2020 Update

This brief provides an overview of the health insurance landscape in NH, as well as updated policy explanations for shifts and changes in access. This update also includes a special section focused on premiums and deductibles in New Hampshire.

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AnnMarie French and Phil Sletten of the NH Fiscal Policy Institute lead rigorous research and analysis on the state budget.

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Our Community Partners

NH Citizens Health Initiative

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Better health, better care, and lower costs for all New Hampshire residents.

New Futures / Advocacy Capacity

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New Futures leads the charge to advocate, educate and collaborate.

Foundation for Healthy Communities

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Works to improve health and health care through partnerships that engage individuals and organizations.

New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute

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Produces reports on the fiscal and economic challenges facing NH.


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Uses a futures planning process to equitably envision a new system for health and well being where everyone can thrive.
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