Kim Firth is a Program Director at the Endowment for Health, where she manages a portfolio of grants, projects, and policy initiatives to improve the behavioral health of New Hampshire’s children and their families and to ensure the healthy development of young children.

Before joining the Endowment, Kim served as a Planning and Policy Analyst for the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Health Planning and Medicaid. She also served as the Grant Manager for the Health Care Fund, Community Grant Program, a public endowment created by the Legislature. Prior to working at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Kim served as the Project Director for the Strafford County Domestic Violence Project, a federally funded initiative to create a multi-disciplinary prosecution team for domestic violence criminal cases in the county. Kim also served as the Director and Program Coordinator for the AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program, which used AmeriCorps members as advocates for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in District Courts and police departments.