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  • Awarded May 14, 2002

    Oral Health Action Plan

    Endowment for Health

    Amount Awarded: $150,000
  • Awarded April 23, 2002

    Futuro Saludable

    So. New Hampshire HIV/AIDS Task Force

    Futuro Saludable brings comprehensive HIV Prevention programming to at-risk Latinos in Greater Nashua. Through a collaborative effort with the NH Minority Coalition and the Nashua Public Health Dept., multi-week health workshops, street outreach, and referrals provide risk-behavior counseling, knowledge, and skills to Latina women, hard-hit by the epidemic in So. New Hampshire.

    The Discretionary Grant will allow us to complete the final six-week health workshop and continue part-time outreach until July 1st when additional resources will become available.

    Amount Awarded: $2,972
  • Awarded March 29, 2002

    Guidebook for Families of Children and Adolescents with Severe Emotional Disorders

    National Alliance on Mental Illness-New Hampshire

    To create a new user-friendly guidebook by revising and integrating the current guidebooks, Family Guidebook for Children & Adolescents with Severe Emotional Disorders and Parents as Case Managers.
    Amount Awarded: $17,500
  • Awarded March 29, 2002

    Adolescent Health Institute 2002

    University of New Hampshire

    To convene all NH professionals who work with and for adolescents in order to promote new professional and service networks, and to provide a comprehensive, statewide educational offering on the needs of adolescents in NH.
    Amount Awarded: $5,000
  • Awarded March 29, 2002

    Dissemination of Community Benefit Information and Practices

    Community Health Institute/JSI Research & Training

    To disseminate the findings of the community benefit plan analysis ( funded by the Endowment in 2001) to communities and charitable trusts at a statewide conference in the fall of 2002.
    Amount Awarded: $14,950
  • Awarded March 29, 2002

    Planning a Family and Community Resource Center in Peterborough

    Family Resource Center of Greater Peterborough

    To plan and develop a family and community resource center in which six nonprofits co-locate to provide the Greater Peterborough area with improved access to health, social and economic services.
    Amount Awarded: $10,020
  • Awarded March 29, 2002

    CHS Network Technology Readiness Project

    Greater Derry Community Health Services, Inc.

    To prepare the CHS network for the implementation of the NH Community Technology Partnership software program(a statewide single-point-of- entry care coordination and access system) to assist underserved populations .
    Amount Awarded: $14,820
  • Awarded March 22, 2002

    Family Services Development & Training Project

    Center of Hope

    To provide one time funding for an unexpected opportunity to access cost effective training during a program reorganization which will improve the techniques and skills of a newly created service unit to work more effectively with families and children with special medical, educational and social needs, and to better respond to families in a timely and focused manner.
    Amount Awarded: $2,500
  • Awarded March 22, 2002

    Booster Seat Campaign with United Way

    New Hampshire Healthy Kids Corporation

    2,500 booster seats will be distributed to income eligible parents for children ages 4-8. 245 are earmarked for Merrimack Valley, the remainder for statewide distribution. The program is coordinated by the Merrimack County United Way and is sponsored by Ford Motor Company as the National Boost America Program.

    The grant will cover the direct costs of two mailings by New Hampshire Healthy Kids to enrollees in Merrimack County and a second to enrollees statewide--All part of the target audience for the program.

    Amount Awarded: $1,159
  • Awarded March 8, 2002

    Emergency Funds

    Goodwin Community Health Center

    Avis Goodwin Community Health Center incurrred unexpected expenses. The Executive Director and one of the physicians left Avis Goodwin. As a result, the health center paid $13,600 in earned time and are liable for $9,707 for the physician's malpractice tail coverage. These expenses produced a hardship.
    Amount Awarded: $22,767
  • Awarded February 4, 2002

    NH Hospitals Mutual Aid Network

    Foundation for Healthy Communities

    The project will increase the capacity of community hospitals in NH to effectively respond to a biological, chemical, nuclear or other incident that involves injuries and deaths. Events of September 11th and the anthrax cases that followed identified gaps in our ability to address new forms of terror and our ability to respond. Hospitals are the front-line for local public health and medical care for most NH residents in the event of biological, chemical or nuclear incident. The project will identify functions and roles in creating a statewide hospital emergency mutual aid network, create and implement a mutual aid network, identify and modify legal and regulatory barriers to preparedness and establish an on-going system to monitor and test the mutual aid network.

    The grant will provide the expertise and leadership of a medical consultant to address the clinical dimensions of creating a statewide hospital emergency mutual aid network and accomplish this in a timely manner. The grant will assess current clinical elements of preparedness (e.g., triage protocols, quarantine and decontamination procedures, pharmaceutical inventories, clinical staffing capacity, etc.) and integrate these elements into a coordinated plan with 32 hospitals and the State, based on agreements defining specific roles and resources within the hospital emergency mutual aid network.

    Amount Awarded: $15,000
  • Awarded January 17, 2002

    Norwell Transitional Funding

    Nashua Pastoral Care Center, Inc.

    To provide transitional funding for the Norwell Home transitional housing program acquired December 1, 2001. Funding will ensure the current five residents and their children avoid homelessness, and continue to receive supportive services and therapy.
    Amount Awarded: $14,900