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  • Awarded March 22, 2021

    Healthcare Workforce Initiatives Convening

    Health Strategies of New Hampshire

    To improve the supply of health care workers in New Hampshire by better aligning health care workforce initiatives, addressing gaps and minimizing redundancies through a comprehensive plan for the state.
    Amount Awarded: $20,000
  • Awarded March 22, 2021

    Tri-State Learning Collaborative on Aging

    Maine Council on Aging

    To advance a regional approach to address the challenges and opportunities presented by an aging Northern New England by providing learning opportunities, facilitating opportunities for networking and encouraging cross-sector collaboration among municipal, policy, advocacy and business leaders working across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
    Amount Awarded: $15,000
  • Awarded March 22, 2021

    Organizational Capacity Building

    Safari Youth Club

    To deepen and expand the array of programming the Safari Youth Club provides through organizational capacity-building
    Amount Awarded: $20,000
  • Awarded March 22, 2021

    "Shades of Graniteā€ Racial Equity Reporting

    Solutions Journalism Network, Inc.

    To improve journalism skills related to reporting on individuals and communities of color by providing solutions-based training on responsible reporting techniques on issues of race with the expertise of other journalists already reporting on this topic.
    Amount Awarded: $10,000
  • Awarded March 22, 2021

    Strategic Planning Phase II

    Victory Women of Vision

    To build capacity of the organization for the future by developing a strategic plan.
    Amount Awarded: $5,000
  • Awarded January 25, 2021

    2021 Health Coverage Fellowship

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation

    To help newspaper, radio, television and online reporters and editors do a better job covering critical health care issues by participating in a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance their knowledge of complex health policy issues.
    Amount Awarded: $20,000
  • Awarded January 25, 2021

    Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth: Improving health equity in NH through health care pipeline opportunity expansion

    Trustees of Dartmouth College

    To improve health equity by expanding the Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth program for high school students to a virtual format while collaborating with NH AHEC partners in rural and urban underserved areas of NH, both expanding the pool of potential workers and promoting workforce diversity to address healthcare disparities.
    Amount Awarded: $19,867
  • Awarded January 25, 2021

    FORESIGHT: Designing a Future for Health

    Fannie E. Rippel Foundation

    Provide support to the Rippel Foundation to provide leadership and oversight of the FORESIGHT Initiative.
    Amount Awarded: $25,000
  • Awarded January 25, 2021

    REM Website Rebuild

    Granite State Independent Living

    To provide more volume and awareness of the availability of gently used durable medical equipment for individuals with disabilities by rebuilding a comprehensive website for Refurbished Equipment Marketplace (REM).
    Amount Awarded: $20,000
  • Awarded January 25, 2021

    Plan for the Council for Housing Stability

    Corporation for Supportive Housing

    To improve access to affordable housing options for New Hampshire's low income residents and to reduce homelessness by developing a state-level plan, a data dashboard, and recommendations for coordinated governance and financing strategies.
    Amount Awarded: $20,000
  • Awarded January 25, 2021

    Backbone Support to the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging

    University of New Hampshire

    Advance a shared vision for age friendly communities in NH through a collective impact approach by providing backbone support to the NH Alliance of Healthy Aging.
    Amount Awarded: $227,000
  • Awarded January 25, 2021

    Welcoming New Hampshire - a program of New Hampshire Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees (NHAIR)

    Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

    To promote healthy New Hampshire communities which welcome immigrants and refugees by facilitating inclusive community collaboration, through a learning collaborative of integration practitioners and community leaders who share best practices and collectively address ongoing challenges experienced by immigrants and refugees in NH.
    Amount Awarded: $60,000