Dental Access on the Seacoast

Seacoast Dental Coalition

Exeter, NH

Dental Access on the Seacoast: Grant will help expand Seacoast Healthy Grins, a model school-based screening, cleaning and referral program for children in Portsmouth elementary schools (currently K-3); expand screenings at Families First well-child clinics and Head Start; and expand referral and dental case management network of Seacare Dental Services. Grant will also help plan for a model Dental Center at Families First to serve more low-income patients in the Seacoast area.


Amount Awarded: $100,000.00
Award Date: September 28, 2001
Time Frame: September 28, 2001 - September 28, 2004

EH Contact

Sue Fulton
+1 603-228-2448 ext. 5