Printing and Dissemination of NH Guide for People with Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic Conditions Information Network of VT & NH

Cavendish, VT

Printing & distribution of 2000 copies of How to Get what You Need in NH; a Resource Guide for People Living with Chronic or Life-threatening Conditions. The 32-page resource guide, currently available via the Chronic Disease Information Services website in PDF format, would be distributed through NH AHEC offices & programs, & community health centers in NH. Additional materials describing supplementary resources available for free to health care providers & their patients, will be distribution.


Amount Awarded: $11,500.00
Award Date: March 24, 2003
Time Frame: April 1, 2003 - September 30, 2003

EH Contact

Sue Fulton
+1 603-228-2448 ext. 312