The Childhood Obesity Epidemic: Overview, Research, and Best Practices Conference

University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH

According to the 2001 NH Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 22.7% of all respondents and 29% of male respondents were overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. As a health issue, childhood obesity cuts across economic, cultural, ethnic and geographic borders-and it is an issue with dire long-term health consequences. A community-wide effort, led by health professional and focused on the best practices in prevention, education, and treatment, is critical to counteract this health crisis.
The Childhood Obesity Epidemic: Overview, Research and Best Practices' is a one-day conference, developed by the UNH's Division of Continuing Education, designed to convene experts in childhood obesity to share and disseminate information and practice with health and education professionals to combat this issue. The conference, which will produce compiled materials, will include presentations on the latest research on childhood obesity, behavioral and environmental treatment, strategies for early intervention, and best practices for professionals.
This conference is targeted at professionals on the front lines of the childhood obesity battle: professional such as dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners and pediatricians, and health educators, and public health professionals. Continuing Education credits will be granted by UNH and credits are currently pending from the American Dietetic Association and the NH Nurses Association Commission on Continuing Education. We hope to have 100 individuals to attend this conference and many more will have access through the proceedings after the conference.

The conference is an initiative of the UNH's Division of Continuing Education, that has as its mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the citizens and organizations of NH, the region and the nation through access to University resources and a broad range of quality education experiences. As part of its continuing efforts to provide practicing professional with the latest and best practices in the field, and assist the greater community with access to academic research, the Division developed the conference strategy: The latest research findings, paired with best practices, targeted to health professionals with direct access to children and families. The conference content includes keynote speaker: Dr. Barbara Moore, President of Shape Up America, and Plenary Speaker Dr. Margo Wootan, Director of Nutrition Policy from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The conference is expected to attract 70-100 in-person participants and the proceeding will be available online at no charge for those who cannot attend. Partners include Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield, which is supporting this effort through a $5000 grant and the Foundation for Seacoast Health, which is providing in-kind support and conference facilities.


Amount Awarded: $5,000.00
Award Date: March 24, 2003
Time Frame: April 1, 2003 - July 1, 2003

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