Endowment for Health Awarded More than $3.4 Million Since Pandemic Began

July 30, 2021

Concord, NH – The Endowment for Health awarded more than $3.4 million in grants since the start of the pandemic, supporting a wide array of projects focused on communities and organizations working to alleviate the health, social and economic impacts of COVID-19.

“The Endowment’s resources have been focused in large part toward stabilization of the health care workforce, emergency operating support for community-serving organizations, and expanded advocacy to address the disparities laid bare by the pandemic,” said Endowment for Health President Dr. Yvonne Goldsberry. Since the start of the Pandemic, the Endowment awarded $3,461,627 representing 87 grants to 47 organizations with an average award size of $40,000.

Endowment resources helped to address complex social problems that were intensified over the past 16 months, including strengthening the mental health support network, suicide prevention, resources for families with young children, health care workforce stabilization, and championing the work of New Hampshire’s public health professionals. “Community partners have used these resources to address homelessness, advance educational equity, increase access to affordable housing, provide rent relief, alleviate hunger and offer support to those with disabilities,” said Goldsberry.

The following grants are a sampling of recently funded projects:

National Alliance on Mental Illness-New Hampshire, New Hampshire Family Network Expansion Project -- $157,237 was awarded to continue cultivating and developing robust and resilient family and youth leaders, who are full partners in transforming and strengthening the infrastructure of the New Hampshire children’s behavioral health system.

Makin' It Happen Coalition for Resilient Youth Inc., New Hampshire Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan Development -- $17,100 was awarded to guide the state's efforts to expand its capacity to recognize, respond, connect and support individuals at risk for suicide.

New Hampshire Children's Trust, Inc., Family Resource Center Elevation and Access Project -- $37,000 was awarded to strengthen families throughout New Hampshire and reduce incidences of abuse and neglect.

Family Support New Hampshire, Strategic Planning to Strengthen NH's Network of Family Resource Centers -- $24,450 was awarded to strengthen and expand the capacity of NH's Family Resource Centers.

Foundation for Healthy Communities, Health Licensure Review Project -- $12,500 was awarded to conduct a review of licensure regulations for a broad array of health care providers with recommendations aimed at removing barriers, increasing efficiencies, and supporting workforce development for the health care workers.

Community Health Institute/JSI Research & Training, Health Care Workforce State Plan -- $35,189 was awarded to improve access to and quality of healthcare in New Hampshire by collaboratively developing a state healthcare workforce development plan.

New Hampshire Public Health Association, Advocating for the NH Health System -- $75,000 was awarded to ensure quality advocacy, nonprofit capacity building and knowledge development for the health system in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute -- $75,000 was awarded to ensure quality advocacy and knowledge development for the health system in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Legal Assistance -- $25,000 was awarded to ensure quality advocacy and nonprofit capacity building.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Housing for Families and Borrower Stabilization Fund -- $75,000 was awarded to sustain general operations and ensure nonprofit capacity building focused on improving the health of vulnerable residents by addressing housing needs as a critical determinate of health. Other work focused on ensuring small businesses and employees negatively impacted by COVID-19 have the resources to pay mortgages, rent and other immediate costs.

New Futures, COVID-19: Health Care Provider Stabilization Support Campaign -- $25,000 was awarded to develop a public policy action plan which will provide coordinated communications, needs assessments, and a package of governmental policy actions, to assist in the immediate delivery of services and to help stabilize the financials of an already fragile health care delivery system.

Local United Ways, Emergency Operating Support for COVID-19 Response -- $210,000 was awarded to various United Way organizations across the state to provide resources to communities impacted by COVID-19. Grant awards include Granite United Way, United Way of Greater Seacoast, Monadnock United Way, United Way of Greater Nashua, and United Way of Sullivan County.

Disabilities Rights Center, Inc., Special Education and COVID-19 project -- $20,000 was awarded to advance educational equity for students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing individual and systemic advocacy.

New Hampshire Hunger Solutions, Public Awareness Tools to End Child and Family Hunger -- $20,000 was awarded to reduce child and family hunger through public awareness.

Manchester Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., Shelter Adaptation Support Project -- $20,000 was awarded to provide safer homeless services for clients and staff during COVID-19 through technical assistance and conversion of shelter sites into permanent housing.

Corporation for Supportive Housing, Plan for the Council for Housing Stability -- $20,000 was awarded to improve access to affordable housing options for New Hampshire's low-income residents and to reduce homelessness by developing a state-level plan, a data dashboard, and recommendations for coordinated governance and financing strategies.