Endowment for Health Awards More than $3 Million in Grants for Calendar Year 2019

December 16, 2019

Concord, NH – The Endowment for Health awarded $3,013,697 in calendar year 2019, supporting a wide array of projects focused on coalitions and advocacy, as well as research and planning that informs more equitable health policy for all who live in the Granite State.

“The Endowment’s field-building strategy continues to support the work of coalitions and advocacy efforts aimed at driving systems change,” said Endowment for Health Chief Financial Officer Sue Fulton. “Over the past year, the Endowment awarded 77 grants to 40 organizations with an average grant size of more than $39,000,” she said, adding that the Endowment’s support goes beyond grantmaking or dollar size.

“The Endowment convenes a variety of stakeholders and supports health-policy research, all with a broad focus on the social determinants of health,” said Fulton. Over the past year, the Endowment’s grants ranged in size from $1,000 to $320,000, largely focused on building strong coalitions, raising awareness of complex social issues, and supporting organizations that serve New Hampshire’s children, families and older adults.

The following grants are a sampling of recently funded projects:

Health Resources in Action, Assessment of Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Workforce in New Hampshire --$32,600 was awarded to promote infant and early childhood mental health by conducting an assessment to establish workforce development needs.

Conservation Law Foundation, Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice -- $25,000 was awarded to build advocacy capacity for environmental justice in New Hampshire.

New Futures, NH Advocacy Hub --$480,000 was awarded to create an advocacy and training structure as well as to support strategic leadership and advocacy capacity.

Granite United Way, Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative Gap Assessment --$5,000 was awarded to support provider trainings for the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Housing for Families --$50,000 was awarded to sustain general operations focused on improving the health of vulnerable New Hampshire residents by addressing housing needs as a critical determinant of health.

Foundation for Healthy Communities, Behavioral Health Clinical Learning Collaborative for Emergency Room Boarding -- $107,500 was awarded to improve the health of New Hampshire residents by increasing the quality of behavioral health services provided in hospital emergency care departments and aligned community settings.

University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Civic Health Index --$25,000 was awarded to conduct research and analysis for the 2019 New Hampshire Civic Health Index Report and for subsequent discussions about civic health in local communities.

The Gerontological Society of America, Linking NH to the National Reframing Aging Network --$17,500 was awarded to build momentum in changing the conversation about aging in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Legal Assistance, Financial Exploitation Awareness Initiative --$20,000 was awarded to increase awareness of elder financial exploitation by educating the public on the prevention of exploitation and how to access resources to help victims.

Granite State College, A Respectful Approach to Multigenerational Management and Leadership Workforce Development Efforts in New Hampshire --$12,500 was awarded to enhance health equity across the state’s workforce sectors by equipping leaders with multi-generational competencies to address health disparities in workplace cultures.