Ned Helms

Ned Helms, MA, retired on May 15, 2015 as Director of the New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice, a position he held since 2001 when he became its founding director. As a part of his role at the Institute, he also served as the staff and project director of the Citizens Health Initiative, a position he has held since The Initiative began in September of 2005.

Mr. Helms has over 30 years of experience in New Hampshire health policy and politics. His experience spans the health policy field and includes, serving as: a Legislative and Administrative Assistant for Health Policy within the U.S. Senate, Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services for New Hampshire, founder and President of a health policy consulting firm (Helms and Company), and Chief Administrative Officer of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Hampshire.

He holds a Master of Arts in American Government from the University of New Hampshire.