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  • Awarded September 30, 2001

    Assessing NH North Country Health Data

    Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

    Assessing New Hampshire North Country Health Data: Grant will help to locate and critically assess the available data on the health status of New Hampshire residents in the North Country and the availability of health care providers.
    Amount Awarded: $20,000
  • Awarded September 30, 2001

    Steppingstones Evaluation

    Krempels Foundation

    Steppingstones Evaluation: Grant will enable the Kremples Foundation to conduct an in-depth evaluation of Steppingstones, a program whose goal is to improve the quality of life for brain injury survivors. The program will identify the program's strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to improve the programs' overall effectiveness.
    Amount Awarded: $18,489
  • Awarded September 30, 2001

    Empowering Communities with Data

    University of New Hampshire

    Empowering Communities with Data: Grant will enable researchers to design and develop a business plan, budget, funding strategy and additional grant initiative to eventually provide communities with access to local population based health data and information. This will help communities better implement evidence based community health planning and education.
    Amount Awarded: $153,245
  • Awarded September 30, 2001

    Assuring Cultural Competence in Southern New Hampshire Developmental Disability Services

    Gateways Community Services

    Assuring Cultural competence in Southern New Hampshire Develomental Disability Services: A one year planning grant will help address the cultural competency needs of the Area Agency of Nashua and to develop a strategic plan to address barriers to the delivery of service to the developmentally disabled and their families who are of minority ethnicity. Program will be replicated in the other Area Agencies throughout New Hampshire.
    Amount Awarded: $18,600
  • Awarded September 30, 2001

    Project Build

    New Hampshire Teen Institute

    To develop the plans in partnership with a pilot school for PROJECT BUILD a community owned and operated prevention leadership program for 6th grade students using the Teen Institute program methodology and training format of training and motivating local volunteers to conduct their own prevention program.
    Amount Awarded: $5,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Creating Systemic Change to Strengthen and Sustain NH's Community Health Centers

    Bi-State Primary Care Association

    Creating Systemic Changes to Strengthen and Sustain NH's Community Health Centers: Grant will help initiate the creation of more effective funding systems for the eight Community Health Centers in New Hampshire. The project will create model systems of financial sustainability to ensure the delivery of primary and preventive care to the uninsured and underinsured New Hampshire residents.
    Amount Awarded: $200,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Newport Middle High School Health Center

    New London Hospital

    Newport Middle School Health Center: Grant will collaboratively provide adolescents with a model year round comprehensive primary and preventive health services through a model middle high school health care center, an integrated referral network, and educational programs.
    Amount Awarded: $209,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Program to Increase Access to Mental Health

    National Alliance on Mental Illness-New Hampshire

    Program to Increase Assess to Mental Health: Grant will help intitiate a new program in Nashua to increase access to mental health care for Nashua's Latino community by building on an established program in Manchester. The program provides outreach and education about mental illness (including interpreter services), and incorporates cultural competency outreach to mental health providers.
    Amount Awarded: $68,663
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Access to Assistive Technology

    ATECH Services

    Access to Assistive Technology: Grant will help ATECH Services collaboratively provide access to assistive technology (AT) products and services by individuals with severe disabilities. Project will provide a pool of AT equipment, a mobile service delivery unit (for on-site rural outreach), and a resource pool of business and community members to support AT users within local communities.
    Amount Awarded: $230,495
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Deaf People Accessing Health

    Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

    Deaf People Accessing Health: Grant will help build a system of support and comprehensive services statewide to allow full and equal access to deaf residents, focusing on the expansion of medical interpreting and health care advocacy in the state.
    Amount Awarded: $134,350
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Respite Child Care Program

    Respite Child Care Coalition

    Respite Child Care: Grant helps the Respite Child Care Coalition collaboratively implement, evaluate, and disseminate a pilot model of respite child care for vulnerable families (families that include children with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other developmental or mental challenges). Program includes education, outreach, and financial assistance.
    Amount Awarded: $110,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Medical Interpretation Services

    New Hampshire Minority Health Coalition

    To develop a statewide training program for medical interpreters; a program to broker interpreter services as a pilot in Manchester with later expansion to Nashua & Portsmouth; a training program to educate health professionals on cultural competency and use of a medical interpreter as well as an education and outreach to health care consumers with limited English proficiency about medical interpretation in same three communities; and a continuing education program for trained medical interpretors.
    Amount Awarded: $78,032