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  • Awarded September 30, 2001

    Community Health Prevention & Treatment Initiative

    Foundation for Healthy Communities

    Community Health Prevention and Treatment Initiative: Grant will help plan a community health model to provide better access to prevention and treatment, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations by looking at the relaionship between community health data and personal medical care.
    Amount Awarded: $15,000
  • Awarded September 30, 2001

    Weeks on Wheels

    Weeks Medical Center

    Weeks on Wheels: A Discretionary Bridge Grant to help leverage dollars to purchase a mobile health care van, improving access to health care in the region.
    Amount Awarded: $10,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Dental Access on the Seacoast

    Seacoast Dental Coalition

    Dental Access on the Seacoast: Grant will help expand Seacoast Healthy Grins, a model school-based screening, cleaning and referral program for children in Portsmouth elementary schools (currently K-3); expand screenings at Families First well-child clinics and Head Start; and expand referral and dental case management network of Seacare Dental Services. Grant will also help plan for a model Dental Center at Families First to serve more low-income patients in the Seacoast area.
    Amount Awarded: $100,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Project

    Manchester Community Health Center

    Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Project: A one-year planning grant to develop (and obtain school board approval for) a program to screen 7th grade females in the Manchester school system who are identified as high risk for becoming pregnant and then provide pregnancy prevention programs and follow up through high school.
    Amount Awarded: $16,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Meeting the Oral Health Needs of the Lakes Region and Twin Rivers Region

    Health First Family Care Center, Inc.

    Meeting the Oral Health Needs of the Lakes Region and Twin Rivers Region: Grant will help the Healthfirst Family Care Center and Lakes Region Health Care collaboratively develop a model comprehensive system of oral health services for the low income population of the Lakes and Twin Rivers Region Dental Health Provider Shortage Area (DHPSA), while also training student interns from the Tufts University School of Dentistry.
    Amount Awarded: $225,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    North Country Cares I

    North Country Health Consortium

    To collaboratively design and implement a pilot care coordination model that covers the entire continuum of health care including the integration of ancillary and social services.
    Amount Awarded: $136,458
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Dental Health Works

    Dental Health Works of Cheshire County

    Dental Health Works: Grant will help provide educational, preventive, and restorative dental services in Cheshire County by creating Dental Health Works, a model comprehensive full time dental clinic, in Keene. The Clinic will serve Medicaid clients, referrals from Cheshire Smiles in-school program, referrals from eight area health and human service agencies, and others (both children and adults) who are unable to access dental care.
    Amount Awarded: $361,350
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Creating Systemic Change to Strengthen and Sustain NH's Community Health Centers

    Bi-State Primary Care Association

    Creating Systemic Changes to Strengthen and Sustain NH's Community Health Centers: Grant will help initiate the creation of more effective funding systems for the eight Community Health Centers in New Hampshire. The project will create model systems of financial sustainability to ensure the delivery of primary and preventive care to the uninsured and underinsured New Hampshire residents.
    Amount Awarded: $200,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Newport Middle High School Health Center

    New London Hospital

    Newport Middle School Health Center: Grant will collaboratively provide adolescents with a model year round comprehensive primary and preventive health services through a model middle high school health care center, an integrated referral network, and educational programs.
    Amount Awarded: $209,000
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Program to Increase Access to Mental Health

    National Alliance on Mental Illness-New Hampshire

    Program to Increase Assess to Mental Health: Grant will help intitiate a new program in Nashua to increase access to mental health care for Nashua's Latino community by building on an established program in Manchester. The program provides outreach and education about mental illness (including interpreter services), and incorporates cultural competency outreach to mental health providers.
    Amount Awarded: $68,663
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Access to Assistive Technology

    ATECH Services

    Access to Assistive Technology: Grant will help ATECH Services collaboratively provide access to assistive technology (AT) products and services by individuals with severe disabilities. Project will provide a pool of AT equipment, a mobile service delivery unit (for on-site rural outreach), and a resource pool of business and community members to support AT users within local communities.
    Amount Awarded: $230,495
  • Awarded September 28, 2001

    Deaf People Accessing Health

    Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

    Deaf People Accessing Health: Grant will help build a system of support and comprehensive services statewide to allow full and equal access to deaf residents, focusing on the expansion of medical interpreting and health care advocacy in the state.
    Amount Awarded: $134,350