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  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Citizens for Health Access

    New Hampshire Citizens Alliance

    To engage the citizens of New Hampshire in public policy debate around the issues of access to health care. NHCA will build an active network of citizen leaders who can speak to the issues of health care access in NH. By recruiting and training citizens to engage in local initiatives to address existing barriers to access. NHCA will develop capacity for citizens to engage in statewide policy debate, making elected leaders more accountable to constituents.
    Amount Awarded: $112,500
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Oral Health/Primary Care Services Integrated Administration

    Community Health Access Network

    To develop and implement administrative systems to support the standard operational functions of the oral health services of CHAN members and others, and to develop and institute a model of clinical integration for oral health status screening and education for selected at risk populations in the primary medical care setting.
    Amount Awarded: $171,332
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Deaf People Accessing Health II

    Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

    To provide outreach, education, and advocacy to deaf and hard of hearing patients and their health care providers in an effort to improve the health and well-being of deaf and hard of hearing citizens of NH and to subsequently improve access to health care for persons with hearing loss by improving communication between patients and providers.
    Amount Awarded: $119,500
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    North Country Cares III

    North Country Health Consortium

    To improve access to health care in the North Country Health Consortium service area through the design and implementation a care coordination model that is accessible through a single point of entry, covers the continuum of health care, and integrates ancillary and social services.
    Amount Awarded: $164,914
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Southern Carroll County Collaborative for Child and Adolescent Mental Health

    Appalachian Mountain Teen Project

    To create a model for rural mental health care for children and adolescents in southern Carroll County through the development of a broad based community collaborative process and infrastructure.
    Amount Awarded: $50,258
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Medical Provider Oral Health Education Project

    Trustees of Dartmouth College

    To develop an oral health education and advocacy program for NH primary care providers targeted to low income children from ages 4 months to 3 years.
    Amount Awarded: $117,023
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Merger of Coos County Family Health Services with Physician Practices of Androscoggin Valley Hospital

    Coos County Family Health Services

    To manage effectively all aspects of merging Androscoggin Valley Hospital /Mountain Health Services (AVH/MHS) physician practices located in Berlin and Gorham into an expanded Coos County Family Health Service with FQHC status for all patients.
    Amount Awarded: $83,700
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Framework for Expansion of Services II

    Greater Nashua Dental Connection

    To increase the volume of care and to reduce waiting time for restorative care and oral surgery by serving as a site for the Tufts Dental School externship and to expand education, prevention and volunteer programs.
    Amount Awarded: $32,293
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Greater Derry-Salem Regional Brokerage Demonstration Project

    Greater Derry/Gr. Salem Regional Transportation Council

    To implement the recent Greater Derry-Salem Regional Transportation action plan to improve transit in the Greater Derry/Salem region (area does not have a public transportation system or agency) through coordination and expansion of existing demand/response services and the eventual development of a standard fixed route bus service.
    Amount Awarded: $90,000
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Building Systemic Change to Strengthen and Sustain New Hampshire's Community Health Centers

    Bi-State Primary Care Association

    To create systemic change for strengthening New Hampshire's safety net by ensuring the sustainability of New Hampshire's community health centers (CHCs) to ensure the delivery of essential primary and preventive health care services to the uninsured and underinsured in New Hampshire.
    Amount Awarded: $195,194
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    In SHAPE

    Monadnock Family Services

    To develop a program, In Shape, to improve the overall health status and increase the lower than average life expectancy for the population of adults who have, or are at risk of developing, a severe/persistent mental illness (SPMI) by targeting risk factors that contribute to increased mortality from diabetes, substance abuse and cardiovascular disease.
    Amount Awarded: $39,835
  • Awarded June 16, 2003

    Medical Interpretation Services

    New Hampshire Minority Health Coalition

    To develop a sustainable training program for qualified medical interpreters; to provide leadership in the develop a system that meets the interpretation needs of the Limited English Proficient (LEP) population statewide; to train and educate health professionals on cultural competency and use of medical interpreters; to provide outreach and education to LEP health consumers about medical interpretation; to develop a continuing education program for trained medical interpreters.
    Amount Awarded: $151,765